Matsuba Laboratory

Yamagata University

Matsuba laboratory

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University

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Research Themes

We have studied polymer crystallization, crystal growth mechanism, phase separation ..., structural formation processes in a wide spacial scale (nano to macro).
The scattering (neutron, x-ray, light...) and microscopy are mainly used.

Polymer Crystallization

About polymer crystallization, we focused on structural formation process during the induction period before crystal nucleation. During the induction period of crystallization, conformational change occured and then orientation and density fluctuations grew.

Morphology control with external field

Polymer morphology can be controled with external field. We studied the structural formation process during drawing and under shear flow of a lot of polymers.

Detailed analysis

In order to analyse polymer, very complicated system, we need techniques of mechanical (appratus) and of calculation. We evolved some appratus for x-ray/neutron/light scattering measurements and some "macro" for calculation.