Matsuba Lab

Dep of Orgnic Material Sci & Eng, Yamagata Univ.

Matsuba laboratory

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University

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23.10.06 Group photo at NanoTerasu



Professor:Go Matsuba
Bld.#6, Rm117, ex3053

Doctor Course

Tatsuya Miyajima - D3
Structure of Polymer Fuel Cell Membranes

Shunsuke Murayama - D3
Study on structural analysis of ethylene ionomers containing two types of metal ions

Master Course

Ayaka Yamaji - M2
Structual analysis of highly-oriented polysaccide films/CNF fibers

Yoshifumi Imai - M2 
Aging and relaxaion of ionoomer films

Kosei Takahisa - M2
Dependence of polyurethane micro-aggregate structure composed of aromatic isocyanate and polycarbonate diol on copolymer ratio

Shota Takako - M2
Structural analysis of alicyclic polyurethanes with polyols of different molecular weights

Gaku Ishida - M2
Structural analysis of copolymerized gel with N-vinylacetamide and ethylacrylate

Kaito Yui - M1 
Structural analysis of polymers with crystallizable side chain

Yuki Urayasu - M1
Structure analysis of self-healing materials with good conductivity

Satoshi Kusano - M1
Structure analysis of PLLA/a-cyclodextrin blends

Yuta Kondo - M1
Structural analysis of amylopectin in rice straches

Shunryu Hirabayashi - M1
Development of new type 3D printer filaments

Muhammad Faiz Abdurrahman Djauhar - M1
3D printing and simulations

Undergraduate Students

Rikako Kurahashi - B4
Crystallization during degradation of crystalline polymers

Rui Kato - B4 
Analysis of silica gel with H2SO4

Kosei Takenouchi - B4
PHB spherulite morphology with temperature control cell

Yuta Naoi - B4
Addhesives films with crystallizable side-chain samples

Chikaho Kobayashi - B4
Structural analysis of packed rices

Hiroki Ito - B4
Characterization of polysaccaride films with CDs


Yongxuan Chen (Nanjing University)

Administrative assistant

Haruna Tsuchida


Kun Li (PhD 2019.3)
Structure Evolution of Polymers in Shear Flow
Now: Shanghai Energy New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

Yunfeng Zhao (PhD 2013.9)
Structual Formation under Polymer Processing Relevant Conditions
Now: BASF Japan Ltd.

Kou Miyazaki (ME 2024.3)
Analysis of blends of polypropylene/PLA and a-cyclodextrin with melt keading.
Now: Toyobo Co. Ltd.

Shiho Sato (ME 2024.3) 
The effect of amylose ratio in the blend gel of amylose/amylopectin
Now: Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.

Kaito Shima (ME 2024.3)
Correlation between structure and mechanical properties of foaming with 3D printing
Now: Sumitomo Riko Company Limited.

Kazuki Suzuki (ME 2024.3)
Mechanical properties and structure with crystallizable side-chain polymers
Now: YKK Corp.

Sora Wananabe (ME 2024.3)
Strucure analysis of bio-micelle solution
Now: NOK Corp.

Kengo Nishiura (ME 2024.3)
Crystal morphology of fluarinated polymers
Now: Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.

Hiroto Adachi (ME 2023.3)
Crystal morphology of syndiotactic polystyrene and modified polyphenylene ether blends
Now: Dexerials Corp.

Misa Yogiashi (ME 2023.3)
Structure analysis and gellation process of Konjac grucomannan hydrogel
Now: NOK Corp.

Tomoya Okada (ME 2023.3)
Properties and structure of side-crystallizable polymers
Now: Toyobo Co. Ltd.

Tomoka Kokuzawa (ME 2023.3)
Interation between polylactide films and water molecules with humidity
Now: Fujifilm Wako Chemical Corp.

Kazuki Yashiro (ME 2023.3)
Crystal morphology and gelatinization of rice starches controlled with BEIIb activities
Now:NICHIAS Corporation

Yoshinari Kondo (ME 2022.3)
Structure about new polyurethane with new poly-ol
Now: AGC Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ryota Sato (ME 2022.3)
PMMA/Fruorinated polymer blend structure and crystallization
Now: ThreeBond Co.,Ltd.

Hiroaki Imai (ME 2021.3)
Correlation between properites and strcture of formed materials
Now: Toyo Tire Corporation

Shigeki Utsuki (ME 2021.3)
Structural analysis of polymer fuel cell membranes with X-ray and neutron scattering measurements
Now: PhD course, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies

Kazuki Ohta (ME 2021.3)
Improvements for regenerated cellulose fibers treated by CNF
Now:Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.

Akane Nagasaki (ME 2021.3)
Detailed structure analysis of gellatinization and gellation processes of potato starch
Now: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Genta Mase (ME 2021.3)
Crystal structure analysis and thermal properties for polyphenylene sulfide and polynonamethlene terephthalamide blends
Now: Entegris Japan Co., Ltd.

Mizuho Ishii (ME 2020.3)
Propeties of adhesive films with crystalline side-chains
Now: ThreeBond Co.,Ltd.

Shoto Kato (ME 2020.3)
Higher ordered struture of ionomers with X-ray scattering measurements
Now:NICHIAS Corporation

Hiromu Sakamaki (ME 2020.3)
Contral of phase separation and crystallization process of PMMA/fluorinated polymer blends
Now:Nifco Inc.

Keisuke Sotoyama (ME 2020.3) 
Observation of formation of bi-axial drawing films
Now: Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.

Akitoshi Morita (ME 2020.3)
Studies of distribution of cellulose nano-fibers in polymer films
Now: Sumitomo Riko Company Limited.

Kenta Sasaki (ME 2019.3)
Precise analysis of fuel-cell films during drying and wetting processes
Now: Altech Corporation

Takeshi Sato (ME 2019.3)
The effects of transparent nuclaer agents on crystal of isotactic polypropylene
Now: Toyota Moror East Japan, Inc.

Yurika Maeda (ME 2019.3)
Correlation between Morphlogical Change and U-shape Dyeing of Polyester Fabrics
Now: YKK AP Inc.

Yo Okawa (ME 2018.3) 
Structure on bi-drawn crystalline polymer films during drwing process
Now: Toyota Moror East Japan, Inc.

Tatsuro Okita (ME 2018.3)  
Precise Structural Analysis of Cellulose Fiber and Cellulose Nano-Fiber
Now: Munekata Co., LTD.

Kenta Takahashi (ME 2018.3)
Properties of collagen gel materials
Now: Sumitomo Riko Company Limited.

Yuto Nikaido (ME 2018.3)
Studies of the effects on nuclear agents for fiber reinforced polylactic acid
Now: Terumo Corporation

Takayuki Kobayashi (ME 2017.3)
Crystal Structure of Polyurea in various annealing conditions
Now: Sumitomo Riko Company Limited.

Soken Konno (ME 2017.3)
Detailed analysis of transparent shape-memorized gel
Now: Lion Idemitsu Composites Co., Ltd.

Yuto Akiba (ME 2016.3)
Precise structure of ethylene-type ionomers
Now: Itochu Enex, Co., Ltd.

Hiroaki Sato (ME 2016.3)
Detailed analysis of PLLA/PDLAs with synchrotron radiation x-ray beam
Now: Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Yuki Sugawara (ME 2016.3)
New method of characterization for collagen in rat bones
Now: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Yuji Fujiyama (ME 2016.3)
Bulk and surface strcture analysis for new adhesives with crystallizable side chain
Now: Soken Chemical and Engineering, Co., Ltd.

Wataru Honda (ME 2016.3)
Molecular weight dependence of crystal structure foruniaxial drawing polyethylene blend
Now: Achilles Corporation

Masayuki Sakurai (ME 2015.3)
Precise analysis for hierarchic structure of crystalline polymers with quantum beams
Now: Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello Inc.

Yuta Chonan (ME 2015.3)
Crystallizaion of Polyurea
Now: Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.

Shota Nakano (ME 2015.3)
Formation Process and Structure of Poly(acrylonitrile) Gels
Now: PANAC Corp.

Sayuri Hanano (ME 2014.3):
Concentration Fluctuations of Liquid-Crystals/Polymers with Ultra Small X-ray Scattering Measurements
Now: Texas Instruments Japan Limited

Naoto Tomita (ME 2013.3):
Structure Analysis of Gelation and Phase Seaparation in PAN/DMSO/Water System.
Now: Yazaki Kako Corporation

Tatsuki Nyuui (ME 2013.3) :
Structure and Dynamics of Crystalline Polymers
Now: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

Kouta Henmi (ME 2013.3) :
Stereocomplex Formation Process of PLLA/PDLA Blends with Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Scattering
Now: Toyota Motors Corporation


Takuma Nakagawa (BE 2024.3)
Crystallization and properties of PL-DLA
Now: IDOM Inc.

Takumi Akasaka (BE 2021.3) 
Drawing process of cellulose nano-fiber composited polypropylene
Now: FIVE FOXes, CO., LTD.

Ryuto Sato (BE 2020.3)
Bulk and surface structure of transparent iPP with various nucleating agents concentration
Now: Yamagata Prefectural Police

Yusaku Suzuki (BE 2020.3)
Surface structure of new-adhesive materials
Now: ORIZON Systems Co., Ltd.

Ryosuke Wagatsuma (2020.3)
Observation of tranparent crystalline shape-memorized gels

Tomoko Shimeki (BE 2017.3)
Effect and detailed structure of tackifier in adhesives
Now: Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg.Co.,Ltd.

Miho Nagao (BE 2017.3)
Structural analysis of ion-chenge film under various conditions

Tsukasa Oumi (BE 2016.3) 
New methods of phase structure with 3D printers
Now: Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Kazuki Tsukahara (BE 2016.3) 
Temperature-sensitive adhesion structure
Now: Yamagata City Office

Nao Inoue (BE 2015.3)
Morphology of poly(lactic acid) dependence on concentration of nuclear agents Now: ADVANEX Inc.

Noriharu Hayashi (BE 2015.3)
The Effects of Tackifier in Adhesions of crytallizable side-chain copolymer Now: Nanbu Plastics Co., Ltd.

Toshihito Sasaki (BE 2014.3)
Fillers Distribution in Rubbers with X-ray Scattering Measurements
Now: ITEC Corporation

Wataru Sato (BE 2014.3)
Improvement of nucleation agents for PLA
Now: YAGAMI Co., Ltd.

Yasuhiro Akama (BE 2013.3)
Air Surface of New Adhesion on Ultra-thin Films
Now: YUSHIN co. ltd.

Tetsuya Abe (BE 2012.3)
Structural Analysis of Biaxial Oriented Film
Now: Kokoku Intech Co.,Ltd.

Yuki Itagaki (BE 2012.3)
Surface Sructure Analysis of Intelimer Tape
Now: Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd.

Kei Sakurada (BE 2012.3)
PLA Phase Transition and Crystallization under Shear Flow
Now: Kyocera Corporation

Tatsuro Nishimura (BE 2012.3)
Structure of UV Hardened Intelimer
Now: Canon Imaging Systems Inc.

Kohei Hayasaka (BE 2012.3)
Structure Formation Process "During" Shear Flow of Polypropylene
Now: Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd.

Yasuhiro Chiba (BE 2012.3)
In-situ Observation under Shear Flow of Crystalline Polymers

Hiroki Inoue (BE 2011.3)
Surface Analysis of New Adhensive
Now: Dexerials Corporation

Ryuichi Yamaki (BE 2011.3)
Structural Analysis of New Adhensive


Nicolas Maria (Guest Researcher from EHU/UPV, 2020.3-2020.5)

Yilong Liao (Guest Researcher from EHU/UPV, 2022.6-2022.7)

Kanokporn Rueang (Guest Researcher from Suranaree University of Technology, Thai, 2022.11-2023.1)

Kanjana Sirirak (Guest Researcher from Suranaree University of Technology, Thai, 2022.11-2023.1)

For Postdoc or Graduate Students who want to study in our lab

Now, we look for colleagues who study and research in our laboratory.
1)Polymer crystallizaion in wide space range
2) Effect of external field on polymer structural formation process
3) New scattering method (neutron, x-ray and laser)
4) Polymer composites
5) New polymer processing and observation
If you have some interests of this field, please send e-mail/phone/fax.
e-mail: gmatsuba(at)
Tel/Fax: +81-238-26-3053

Junior (B3) student of my departments

Now, welcome to visit my laboratory whenever for "Proposal of Research (3rd-year)" and "Graduation thesis (4th)".